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"Give me a lever long enough
and a fulcrum strong enough,
and I could move the world."
- Archimedes

Fulcrum™ Thermoplastic Composite Tube and Rod Products are produced with a proprietary rigid engineering thermoplastic polyurethane matrix. The combination of ductile thermoplastic matrix with high strength continuous fibers results in excellent strength and stiffness combined with superior toughness. The resin offers excellent resistance to a broad range of chemicals, including acids, bases and organic liquids...



Standard Profiles Data Sheet


Pultruded Fulcrum profiles can be manufactured in a wide variety of custom shapes. As with other pultrusion and extrusion processes creation o a new profile requires manufacturing a die. In many instances we are able to use our existing die bases and produce custom inserts for the new profile, thus reducing cost and time to sampling...



Custom Shapes Data Sheet





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